MeThrough experiment, we can re-frame a situation, expose to a new ecosystem, step into uncharted territory, and even relearn previous wisdom. Once an experiment is done, we can mindfully choose to go further to gain experience, and possibly attain mastery. When mastery meets our calling, we might reach enlightenment, which in turn energize ourselves to go through another experiment.  It is important that we enjoy the whole cycle.

This blog posts Story (events, dreams, and perspectives) of the above four states: Experiment, Experience, and Enlightenment, and Joy, in the format of Segment (text based) and Sound (audio based).

My gratitude to Ricky Setiawan (@rickysetiawan) – without his indispensable support, this blog will never be materialized.

One thought on “About

  1. The first sentence of your ‘About’ is actually what I did this summer in Europe. It was only a simple bike travel yes, but it was actually my ‘experiment’ about life, through mine. ‘Experience’? I was fully living it physically as well as mentally along the way. ‘Enlightenment’? I hope so. ‘Joy’? No question about it!
    I was following the life of Rhein River, which starts its beginning near the town of Chur in Switzerland as a ‘baby’ river, all the way to Rotterdam where, as an ‘old man’, it joins the ‘communion’ of rivers in The English Channel. What a life it was, ‘mempersembahkan’ zillions of other forms of lives along its neighboring ‘ecosystems’.
    Through my beloved bicycle, I found that life is a series of completions of ‘cycles’, in which one cycle is not necessarily different then the previous one. It is quite often solely a repetition; therefore it should be simple. The colors might be different, yet it is still the same spectrum of a rainbow. I think that is why The Great Book of Q as a guidance is always applicable to any life, any where, any time!
    I enjoy your writings. Keep up the good work!

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