Why Observing Is So Difficult

What Are Your Grades
Modified from creation of Hidrafil (Own Work) [Public Domain], via Wikimedia Commons
We’ve discussed about Journal as a space to reflect our observations, in the previous entry. For some, it may not be as easy as we expect. Why? It’s important to be aware that the reason why we see things the way we see is due to the PATTERN that we’ve developed.

Perhaps, we get used to being directed by others. In school, for example, our performance is driven by our grades, and the ecosystem pushes us to focus on such things. As such, the pattern that we have developed tends to put more focus on our grades.

Furthermore, when we have a ‘career’ in a company, our environment pushes us to focus on output. And again, we might join the ‘mainstream’, pushing our company’s performance and having the tendency to disregard our own, true performance. Continue reading “Why Observing Is So Difficult”