Journal as a Space of Reflection

Picture by Ala z, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Our interest might indicate our passion, but there is more to it. We have to execute what we are interested in. Only by doing, and not by thinking, we can appreciate our passion. By doing, we may revise, refine, or even reject our presumption about our passion.  Doing is the best way to validate our passion.

The challenge is that sometimes we even don’t know our interests. This typically happens when our life is so busy in doing things that we assume are important, but we realize that somehow, we just don’t love it. We do things because we thought that our society expects us to do it.

Previous post discusses that being mindful helps us in discovering more about ourselves. One form of mindfulness can be found through formal meditation, but bear in mind that mindfulness can be embedded in any activity. Writing is one of them. By doing mindful writing about our own experience – call Journal of Self (in short, Journal) –  we will be able to start discovering our passion.

Journal serves as a reflective space for our activity. A journal’s entry shall reflect more about our feeling and less about our thinking. Perhaps,  we can start with the three things that we shall be grateful upon for today. And elaborate on why such things need to be appreciated. Or share about what we discover about ourselves, about who we meet, and what do we learn and/or share with her/him.

Interestingly, the more mindful we are in writing our Journal, the closer we are with ourselves. Writing the Journal mindfully has a similar ritual with a formal meditation. As a start, let’s find a quiet place. Ensure that we’ve prepared all the items to write the journal. A pen and a book, for example, if we would like to do it manually. Or, a computer with a web access to online journal application (e.g.

Take a deep breath. Feel our body and focus on our breath. Our mind may wander, but gently return our focus to our breath. Feel the body movement that support our breath: our stomach, chest, nose, etc. Feel them as a single entity. Unite them with our breathing movement. When our mind wander, acknowledge and accept them, and let them go. And again, gently return our focus to our breath. Once we’ve reached our calmness, start writing. Wholeheartedly. Let your heart leads you.

Write the Journal in a consistent ecosystem: place, time, duration, steps. Make it as a ritual. Allocate time to review the previous Journal entries. As time goes by,  we will see pattern. Pattern about things that we do actively in a specific situation that generate the feeling of being ourselves.

When we’ve reached this stage, we can validate and sharpen our understanding about our passion. One way to probe deeper about our passion is by doing it more often, and doing it better. Observe our mind and reflect the experience through the Journal. See if we are going to the ‘right direction’.

The Journal serve as a Space of Reflection, our mindfulness serve as a Space of Being, and our action serve as a Space of Experimentation. These spaces need to be revisited, in a cycle, over and over.

What do you think about this thought? Please share your thought and educate me. Thanks!

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